Martin Dunford

Born in Nairobi in 1952, Martin attended Kenton College in Nairobi  and secondary school at Fettes College in Edinburgh, Scotland, before studying for a Bsc in Hospitality Management at Surrey University in England.He was a reasonable academic, although 'could do better ' kept on cropping up on his reports. However he did excel at sports: rugby, basketball, swimming,squash and in a later life, surfing.

Despite having  a job offer on graduation with Hilton hotels, he ended up joining Chris Seex, the founder at The Tamarind restaurant in Mombasa in 1975 as a restaurant manager and quickly rose through the ranks to shareholder, general manager, managing director and by 1990 executive chairman.

He and Chris set about growing the Tamarind Group by opening The Tamarind restaurant in Haile Selassie avenue in Nairobi 1977, The  Carnivore in 1980, The Tamarind Dhow in 1985, followed by the innovative concept of Tamarind Village in 1991 in Mombasa, The Carnivore in Johannesburg in 1993 and The Golden Key Casino in 1996. Then came the Tamambo brand  in 2001 in Westlands ,Tamambo Village Market in 2005 and Tamambo Karen in 2010. In 2014, Tamarind in town was closed and moved to Karen. The group's first hotel The Tamarind Tree is under construction at The Carnivore and will open in 2016.

Those are the success stories, inevitably there were other adventures in business during the interim that didn't work out: Tamarind Trout Farms, Tamfeeds, Thriftec,The Carnivore Cairo and Dormans Coffee shops were all experiments in business that were started and sold off at a loss after much heartache.

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Nairobi, Kenya

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