Esmeralda De Souza Obwaka

Esmeralda De Souza-Obwaka is a Kenyan entrepreneur taking her flair for creating delicious patisserie and creating a leading food brand in the country. Spez Limited offers premium outside catering services and decadent cakes and pastries under the brand ''The Missing Slice’'. Their client list includes most corporate and multi-nationals in Nairobi.

With a dynamic team of people with different backgrounds who are all passionate about what they do. Spez has a total of 24 employees and each of them has a great story of how they have grown within the company over the years. A watchman who grew through different roles to now become the Procurement Officer; and a waitress who grew to become our current Customer Service Manager; these are just a few of the beautiful stories at Spez.

''It has been QUITE a journey. So many challenges and opportunities have come up along the way. I actually studied Geology in University, but dropped out after two years to start the business. I have taken up different courses in entrepreneurship to compensate for the lack of ''formal'' knowledge. I am the first entrepreneur in the family, but hopefully not the last." Esmeralda

Spez vision is to be 'the benchmark for quality food and service in Africa'.

When opportunity comes knocking, do not ask it to come back another day! Take it and RUN!

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Nairobi, Kenya

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